What makes K- Dramas so addictive?

As an avid drama viewer since 2008, I recently started to ask myself this very question.  I saw my first drama, Pure in Heart with Goo Hye Sun back then, and have been actively seeking out new K-Drama content ever since.

And while Korean dramas captured my heart initially, I must say that I’ve also fallen head over heels for certain Taiwanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Venezuelan  and Japanese drama content as well over the years.

I’ve always loved stories. In fact, I like to write my own. And I’ve heard this particular advice very often –  in order to become a better storyteller, you should read books and watch television and movies like a writer. Always mindful of what the creator of the work is doing, what writing techniques they are using, in order to make you feel the way you do as you voraciously consume their manuscript or screenplay.

And so, I’ve decided to examine the different story components of dramas that I love, and rank them accordingly, in order to figure out how they managed to consistently win over my attention and enthusiasm during a time on this earth when distractions abound.