Weekly Special #4: Fifteen K-Dramas that Could Survive an American Remake

Over the years I’ve heard some rumors regarding Korean Dramas getting remade here in the US. Some of the dramas that’ve been mentioned in the past are: Nine: Nine Time Travels, My Love from Another Star, Good Doctor, and God’s Gift 14 Days. According to Soompi,  the God’s Gift 14 Days remake might be airing this summer, which you can read about here. According to Variety, the Good Doctor remake is also in the works, which you can read about here. However, I’m not sure if any of the rest have actually come to fruition.

Honestly, whenever I hear about such remakes I always worry that the essence of the original will ultimately be ruined. There are, however, a few dramas that I feel could effortlessly be remade here in the US and still be successful without losing the integrity of the original work. If I were the head of a television studio here in the US, I would try to obtain the rights to the following shows:

  1. She Was Pretty (Chinese Version: Pretty Li Hui Zhen)
  2. Playful Kiss (Taiwanese Version: It Started With a Kiss, They Kiss Again; Japanese Version: Mischievous Kiss)
  3. The Time I’ve Loved You (Taiwanese Version: In Time With You)
  4. Cheese In The Trap
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Another Oh Hae Young
  7. Master’s Sun
  8. Oh My Ghostess
  9. It’s Okay That’s Love
  10. One Percent of Something
  11. Marriage Contract
  12. Marry Him If You Dare
  13. Scent of a Woman
  14. Monstar
  15. Bride of the Century

There you have it! These dramas could definitely withstand being remade here in the US (preferably utilizing MULTICULTURAL/DIVERSE casts) while still remaining true to the original work, or in some cases building on the original premise to make it even better.

What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Are there any shows you would add or remove? Is the idea of an American remake of any Korean drama too terrible of an idea to even entertain?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 😊

Bonus: I also feel as though Shan Shan Comes to Eat (Boss & Me), a Chinese drama, and Mi Gorda Bella, which is a Venezuelan telenovela, would be AMAZING if remade here in the US. But, I digress…

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