Weekly Special #3: Minzy Work 01 Uno – EP by Minzy

Last month Minzy came out with her first solo EP after parting ways with her old management company, YG Entertainment. Minzy was previously a part of powerhouse group, 2NE1, which was so popular internationally before its recent disbandment that its music (“I Am The Best”) was even featured in a Microsoft commercial here in the US.

If I’m being honest, when Minzy was in 2NE1, I mostly focused on the other three members. For some reason, CL, Bom and Dara just seemed to stand out more to me.

For that reason, this debut really changed my point of view. Finally, I can see how talented she is. She truly shines all on her own. Sometimes you need to go your own way in order to truly reach your full potential, and that seems to be what happened with her.

Her EP is great. Here are some of my favorites:

Ninano (featuring Flowsik)

It’s the perfect song to work out or dance to, and though I always knew Minzy’s dance moves were on point, she really brings it for her solo debut.

The music video can be viewed here.


This is perhaps my absolute favorite song from her EP. It’s really empowering to listen to.

Take a listen for yourself, and watch the video for it here.

Flashlight (featuring Jay Park)

This song is about falling in love. It’s sweet, with a great beat, and a hot feature by Jay Park. It is definitely worth checking out, and is one of many reasons why I now consider myself to be a fan of hers.

Have you heard Minzy’s new EP yet? If so, let me know your thoughts below!

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