Weekly Special #2: Palette by IU

On April 21st, Lee Ji Eun (IU) released her new cd, Palette, and it is truly an amazing album. That’s right, it’s not just her title track featuring G-Dragon that’s fantastic, this is the kind of album that can be listened to all the way through without skipping a song, which is rare these days.

Most of the Korean music that I listen to is related in some way to a drama I saw and loved. IU has been in many of my favorite dramas, from Dream High to The Producers. It was after I watched You Are the Best, Lee Soon Shin though that I first realized IU wasn’t just a talented actress, but she was an incredible musical artist as well. She also just seems like she’d be a chill person to be friends with, too.

Here are my thoughts on some of the songs on her hit album, Palette, that are definitely worth checking out:

Palette (featuring G-Dragon)

Well, to start, this track features G-Dragon, and everything he touches turns to gold so… it was destined to be a hit. But, the style and tone of this track feels much more mature, and authentically her, than any other song I’ve heard of hers before now, besides maybe “Twenty Three,” off her last cd. The confidence she conveys as she sings is transferred to her listeners, and it’s the sort of song you can listen to when you’re not feeling 100% that will make you feel instantly more self-assured.

I really want to see her and G-Dragon perform this together on stage. However, I must say that it’s also cool seeing her perform her version of his rap on the music shows as well.

Check out the official music video on YouTube here.

Check out her April 23rd Inkigayo performance here.

Ending Scene

I always feel like crying whenever I listen to this song (as well as most other slow songs on this album). Again, she expresses her emotions so well, that you can’t help but be affected while listening. The music video has a cameo of Kim Soo Hyun, her co-star from Dream High (where they were paired with other people) and The Producers (where she had a one sided crush on him), which is really neat. But this song is about them breaking up, so I hope they’ll do a drama together in the future where they end up happy!

Check out the video on YouTube here.

Through the Night

This song is just lovely. The video, which you can check out here, gives me strong Scarlet Heart: Ryeo vibes for some reason. Her voice is so soothing, and this is the sort of song you could listen to while reading or over a morning cup of coffee.


This song is so much fun to listen to. Apparently, it is basically her describing what it’s like to be on the verge of blacking out when drunk, and it’s just a really playful track. She sing-raps in it kind of, and mentions Mrs. Dalloway’s party, which may be in reference to a Virginia Woolf novel, and both of those aspects are pretty awesome.

Jam Jam

This is another stand out. It has a great beat and I could see myself working out to it at the gym, for sure. It makes you want to dance when listening to it, so another overall fun track to immerse yourself in.

Anyone else enjoying this album as much as I am? Or, do you have another opinion? Let me know your thoughts below.

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