Weekly Special #1: Radiant Office

This first weekly special is dedicated to the drama, Radiant Office. I haven’t seen many people discussing this show on the drama recap sites that I frequent and so I wanted to take time to encourage others to check it out.

Radiant Office is an amazing show mostly for two reasons –

The first reason is the brutal honesty of the lead female character, Eun Ho Won, as played by Go Ah Sung. I’d never watched Go Ah Sung in a drama before, but she is hilarious as female lead Eun Ho Won. Besides the office aspect of this drama, where she has worked a huge number of part time jobs and finally gets a chance to work at a large company, there is also a secondary premise in which she learns that she may have a terminal illness to boot. The ordinary stressors that come from her first major job and her personal stress over how long she may have to live combine to create a total sense of fearlessness within her. She feels as if she can say whatever the hell she wants to whoever she wants, even if it might get her in trouble with her superiors at work. Perhaps all office employees wish they could get away with giving their honest opinions to their bosses about which company policies and aspects of work culture are dissatisfying in real life. And so it has been truly cathartic to watch Eun Ho Won express herself so freely every week. Office workers can watch this show and realize they are not alone in their daily struggles.

The second reason is Ha Seok Jin, who plays the male lead character, Seo Woo Jin. Ha Seok Jin first caught my eye in Legendary Witches and then again in One Percent of Something. He has so much charisma that it’s hard not to be drawn towards the characters that he plays. And it’s no different in Radiant Office. He may come off as harsh initially, but deep down he’s truly a kind hearted person who ultimately decides to help  Eun Ho Won as she adjusts to being a contractor at furniture company, Hauline, and gains an opportunity to compete for her first full time job. His smile is breathtaking, btw.

I haven’t seen Misaeng (An Incomplete life), which is another office drama, yet, but I remember hearing it was very good. Watching Radiant Office makes me want to see how other dramas tackle this topic so I’ll have to add it to my growing list of must watch dramas.

Meanwhile, I hope you will add Radiant Office to yours!

Note: The final episode airs next Thursday if you’re someone who likes to binge dramas instead of waiting week to week 😊


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  1. I’ve been trying to not binge dramas but who am I kidding I will probs end up doing that with this drama. lol


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